January 20, 2022


Inner Circle Momentum – Roundtable Q&A

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How would you describe the most effective method to ensure that you hire exceptional internal recruitment candidates? Is there even a perfect method or is it a matter of adjusting your approach as you go? This call delivered some very helpful insights into the process and includes several valuable tips to help you to find the right people who will complement your team and excel beyond expectations.


[05:05] Challenges and solutions to keeping VAs accountable and to ensure that they are set up for success

[09:22] How can you coach someone who is underperforming?

[15:38] The solution to underperforming is deeper coaching, not shouting or sliding

[23:51] How can you make offshore VAs work effectively for you

[27:30] Do you express a sense of urgency during interviews with VAs/candidates?

[34:00] Competitiveness can be the key to success in candidates.

[35:26] What are the attributes we should be looking for in candidates?

[37:31] Boutique recruitment agencies should consider large recruitment companies as a hunting ground for candidates as their staff might feel like just another spike in a wheel

[42:39] How much research is necessary for a call with a potential client that can possibly go nowhere?

[51:01] An agenda can be helpful during such a meeting. It gives you control

[52:38] Where to find people to recruit internally?

Documents & Resources
🌐 Glassdoor
📄 Leanne’s tips Re: Sourcing and Interviewing junior hires
📄 Module 6 – Special Guest – Leanne Jones Hunt – Sourcing and qualifying trainee recruiters

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