January 06, 2022


Inner Circle Momentum – Roundtable Q&A

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The first Q&A for the year and the team highlights their plans and challenges for the year. 

The main questions that the group addresses is what is the Bad hire calculator and what it means to them. It is a vital tool to use either on your website to interest your audience or to use during a presentation. It can serve as the key to entering into a conversation about changing outdated recruitment practices.

Then Taylor wanted advice on structuring marketing emails based on data about possible clients obtaining new projects or contracts and being first to address their need to recruit.

The team also touches on several helpful email automation tools they use.

Lastly, the discuss the topic of hiring a recruiter and how to get the most out of your VAs


[06:07] Robert asks about the bad hire calculator as he wants to understand how it works 
[12:09] Robert wants to know how he can use it best to his advantage
[13:30] General failure rate of recruitment rate is around 30%. Where else in your business would you allow a 30% failure rate?
[13:47] How much has your business changed since the beginning compared to how much your recruitment method has changed?
[16:05] Taylor shares a business idea regarding automated emails and he expands on the process of how he captures data. Ask for ideas on how to generate the best marketing emails
[20:13] Robert shares his similar experience on info he obtained from Crunchbase
[21:42} Mark points out similarities between these emails and any other marketing email
[22:34] Mark refers Taylor to Billings Accelerator Mod 3 Magnetic Messaging
[23:36] Touching on vital points explained in Selling to Vito by Anthony Parinello
[23:36] It remains vital to address your audience’s pain points
[34:07] Never let 1 email work too hard
[35:10] Team discuss various email tools EmailOctopus, Loxo, Woodpecker, Interseller, Reply Salesql
[43:05] Set up an alternative domain to prevent blacklisting your main domain due to emails
[44:27] Power of focus to maximise productivity
[52:20} Mike wants to hire 1-2 recruiters, ask for input on compensation
[58:33} Jodi highlights points regarding hiring out of state

Documents & Resources
📄 Perfect Match Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong
📄 What is true cost of bad hire?
🌐 Email Octopus
🌐 Interseller
🌐 Woodpecker
🌐 Reply
🌐 Loxo
🌐 Salesql
🌐 Contentfly
🌐 26 Characters
🌐 Billing Accelerator Module 3

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