February 3, 2022


Inner Circle Momentum

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This session explores the importance of having marketing campaigns in place and whether it is best to rely on outsourced marketing or to take care of it in-house. The value of good content can never be underestimated but it should also reflect your voice to your audience. So, the team brainstorm on some of the best questions to ask to find the right company to provide the support you need and when you should rather opt for in-house marketing than outsourcing. Another hot topic was what to do when your client changes the package, how these negotiations would take place and what to do if your candidate starts to negotiate directly with the client regarding their package.


[1:56] Why branded and unbranded emails have a place in your marketing campaigns

[08:16] Feedback on Joel’s marketing presentation

[11:48] How to approach a marketing agency? Questions to ask the group to gain insights

[18:28] Why won’t an agency not commit to an ROI and how to work around that

[22:27] Being clear on what you want an agency to do for you

[24:10] What are red flags when it comes to these agencies

[27:28] Video and using video to brand yourself is vital – getting your voice out there

[30:09] Would VAs help to create content?

[31:30] In-house vs outsourced marketing

[43:09] Exploring the purpose of an email and would also determine what it would look like

[49:10] Keep swipe folders to build a library of images and posts you like to borrow ideas

[50:28] How to address it when a client change the package for a candidate

[59:05] A possible approach to follow to manage expectations on both sides

[1:05:20] Recruit for where you are right now and don’t let the possible future hold you back

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