December 09, 2021


Inner Circle Book Club – The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday

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While it is often the case that readers have different perspectives on the same message captured in a book, it was not the case with The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. All of the members felt that they enjoyed the title and that they could apply it to their lives. It is a title that celebrates the difficulties we often have to overcome in order to reach the level of success we are seeking in our businesses, lives and life in general.

[00:30] Mark’s impression of The Obstacle is the Way – by Ryan Holiday
[02:10] What Alexandra thought of the book
[03:45] Greg describes his experience of audible books
[06:00] Karen’s impression of the book
[07:03] How did stoicism affect your life?
[10:40] The hard things are often what we need to get through to get to the success we desire
[18:00] Rating the book
[20:43] Reframing Failure exercise
[29:41] What obstacles did you have to overcome?
[32:53] What is your perspective on mortality?
[34:00] Gordon on the power of meditation
[37:00] Picking a new title

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