March 07, 2022


Inner Circle Book Club

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While there was different perspectives regarding how the team experienced the book, there has been an overall consensus that email is a major time thief. Coupled with social media it can easily distract you from being productive. So, in this session the team explored different ways to manage email and social media platforms to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the working day. While this is vital, they also touched on another important aspect of working for yourself from home, namely switching off at a certain time and just maintaining a balanced life style.

[02:45] First impressions of Deep Work
[08:13] Number one takeaways from the book
[12:00] It is important to value your time
[15:18] Quality over quantity – can’t deliver quality work while multitasking
[17:50] How would you rate the book? A lot of the score depended on the specific stage members are going through in life
[22:28] How can we address emails with Cal Newport’s ideas in mind, so that we are not a slave to other people’s agendas
[27:22] Alexandra shares how she treats emails – she has only 2 time frames to respond to emails
[29:35] Gordon explains how he address the challenge of not being consumed by emails
[32:00] Social media and how to deal with that as a time thief
[35:15] Gordon explains how turning your feed off can help to save time
[36:30] Turning notification off on your phone can help to determine when you want to see it
[38:10] Greg states how important it is to have a check out when working from home.
[43:23] Choosing the next title – Becoming Bullet Proof


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