February 18, 2021


Ignition Room – Members Q&A Session

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This Ignition Room session was incredibly varied! We started the session by Susie posing to the group a scenario she was facing with a particular client surrounding the terms of business. We covered the process Sabrina had taken when creating and promoting her lead magnet (newsletter). The theme of this session was to start thinking about trying to incorporate your longer-term goals into your working day and chipping away at them in more bitesize chunks. It was nice to hear Jurryt, Alex and Alexis sharing some of their tips on how they keep momentum and what traction that have been getting lately through the taking of action.

00:00-17:15 – Susie’s Question – Re: Terms of Engagement
17:16-19:44 – Sabrina gives an update on the 5 client proposals/conversations she has been having
19:45-23:20 – Jeff’s 90 Day Plan Update
23:21-28:05 – Alexis shares where her motivation has stemmed from recently when taking action
28:06-32:10 – Jurryt shares the actions he has been taking with his LinkedIn profile etc.
32:11-35:30 – Joel shares his experience on Clubhouse so far
35:31-40:15 – Sabrina’s Lead Magnet (Newsletter) Process
40:16-45:55 – Freelancers on Upwork
45:56-51:08 – Video Content
51:09-53:12 – Revisiting your 90 day plans
53:13-1:01:00 – Avatar Interviews & Surveys

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