November 25, 2021


Ignition Room – LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and Hacks – Part 3

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LinkedIn remains a hot topic and we are always searching for that elusive perfect post that will deliver on the desired amount of likes and comments. However, when it comes to Linkedin – it is often about finding the perfect balance of not posting too much nor too little. Don’t include too many tags but also not too little. There are also several exciting features that not everyone is aware of and in the sessions we see how you can use these to your advantage.

[00:30] LinkedIn tips and tricks
[01:29] Getting your all-star status
[02:11] Using video in your LinkedIn profile – make sure to have the vital stuff on your first page
[10:27] Tips for posting on LinkedIn – what works very well
[17:10] When is the best time to post?
[23:07] Having more than 1 link in your comment can get you penalized
[37:20] Using 3rd party software to post
[42:27] LinkedIn stories are probably going off
[42:49] You can post as much as you like on company pages – how effective are these pages
[48:45] Miguel still doing connection requests manually after being chucked out
[50:00] Alexis expands on what the service solutions from DemandLever

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