February 10, 2022


Ignition Room – Improving Your Tech Stack – Part 3

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Expanding on your tech stack or rather hire more VAs to get the mundane but very vital tasks done? This is the underlying message of today’s conversation. The group discusses the different types of tech solutions to automate processes as well as the challenges they bring and how to overcome them. Others prefer to consider hiring more VAs to do the job but that is also not a perfect solution as there can be many challenges to overcome while training the person to deliver the results you desire. Where are you currently at with putting processes in place to clear your plate and be able to attend to more important tasks?


[00:10] Touching on the importance of a clear CTA

[05:34] How did Craig Paisley manage marketing and tech stack effectively?

[08:35] How does the sample size of an email campaign impacts the outcome?

[12:07] Sharing specific info about a client can serve as a way to grab their interest

[14:15] Rather use automation for larger groups and keep smaller campaigns more personal

[18:28] If the group is small – maybe rather opt for phoning them?

[26:15] Bullhorn. Loxo and Zapier – expect different levels of integration

[27:27] Workflow to CRM – what are your procedures?

[33:30] The differences in performance between Octopus and Dripify

[35:10] Exploring the different phases of training a VA to source the correct candidates

[39:80] It is important to record conversations with VAs to make sure they can revert back to understand 

[45:00] Thoughts of Michelle Parchman

[46:35] If you would have to cut your hours by half, how would you do it?

[49:30] Need to know when to call it a day, and how long to give your VA to get up to standard

Documents & Resources

🌐 Craig Paisley’s podcast
🌐 Loxo
🌐 Bullhorn
🌐 Zapier
🌐 Zoho
🌐 Jobadder
🌐 Octopus
🌐 Dripify
🌐 VA Happy
🌐 Onlinejobs.ph
🌐 Monday Marvels Recording

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