September 16, 2020


Hot Seat – Luke Mason from Ellis Mason


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We had several wins that were shared at the start (please see the Wednesday Wins post!)*HOT SEAT* Luke Mason and Emma Ellis’ company – Ellis Mason.

Mark analyses their website, content, call to actions, and also their outbound campaign x4 email sequence.

Mark advises on the importance of approaching decisions makers by giving the impression of 1-2-1 vs 1-2-many.Luke shared a great tip on how to boost your LinkedIn reviews, by ensuring placed candidates are put into a x4 email sequence across a few months asking for a review/checking in etc as part of after-care, which is all automated.

Also, Mark shared really useful ideas and examples regarding where you can place different opt in forms that will be most effective on your website.Mark then critiqued Bernadette’s newsletter/article and provided some awesome ideas to ‘hook’ her target audience further.Just as a reminder – The LinkedIn Post Leaderboard Google sheet will be shared on Facebook very soon.

This is a 5 day challenge for next week, starting Monday, to post on LinkedIn at least 3 times next week; and let’s see what results we get.Accountability is everything and it will get us all into the habit of posting consistently but also comparing the outcome to see if there is something we can replicate in our own

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