January 06, 2021


Part 1 of 2 – Hiring & Managing a VA

There are certain factors to take into consideration and steps to take before embarking on the journey of hiring a VA. This session focuses on what foundational steps you must have in place before hiring a VA, task ideas that you can outsource to a VA.

The group also discusses the logistics and permissions you can give to your VA when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, safely, without becoming on LinkedIn’s radar and avoiding the risk of going into “LinkedIn Jail”.

Several members are forthcoming about their experience of onboarding and managing a VA.

[00:00–10:23]- Wins
[10.23-16:40] – Introduction
[16:41-18:12] – How many hats do you wear as a recruitment business owner?
[18:13-28:48] – What do you need to be clear on before hiring a VA?
[28:49-36:44] – What tasks to outsource to a VA?
[36:45-46:13] – Alex Beaty shares his VA/LinkedIn setup/logistics using a remote desktop.
[46:14-52:16] – Discussion – Letting your VA use your LinkedIn account vs The VA having their own account
[52:17-1:07:55] – VA disappearing/inconsistencies – How to deal with these scenarios

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💬 Chat Log

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):
📄 Market Mapping
🌐 BEFORE – Tasks/Time Spent
📄 Sample Recruiting Process Flowchart
📄 Example Dataset Building/Line Builder –  Template
🌐 How to Convert LinkedIn Connections into Calls in 30 mins per day
📄 Full 360 Recruitment Process Explained
📄 Qualifying a Candidate – Process
🌐 splashtop
🌐 thescaleexperts
📄 VA Management 2021-01-06

📄 Flowchart on using my systems
📄 Using my systems – step-by-step guide

VA Sourcing Websites
🌐 store.onlinejobs.ph
🌐 upwork
🌐 virtualcoworker
🌐 virtualstafffinder

📄 Process for Hiring a Filipino VA
🌐 20 minutes Skype interview, ensuring that the tasks I had were also inline with their abilities/skill set.
🌐 Cost of a VA
📄 My Activity / VA & AA Activity
🌐 Other Related Resources:

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