February 22, 2022


Inner Circle Momentum – Roundtable Q&A

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In today’s session, the group spend most of their time discussing two topics. The one is vital as you would depend on the effectiveness of your VA to save you time to work on your business and the other is podcasts and using them as a way to expand your business. How do you address a VA that is not delivering according to expectations? Can you trust your VA to reach out to your candidates? What are some of the responsibilities you can trust them with? Then also, what are the obstacles you experience when it comes to podcasts and how can you overcome them?


[15:53] Jodi’s way of partnering with recruiters and how she pays them
[22:31] What can you do to optimize the resources you have?
[24:30] What would happen if you hire another VA? Can 1 improve the other? 
[26:10] Should you settle for an underperforming VA? 
[35:00] If you are continuously frustrated with VA performance, maybe reassess them
[36:24] Should you rely on your VA to take care of client/candidate interview schedules
[37:58] Retained agreements – how are they structured?
[44:00] Does the Recruiter lite license belongs to the company or individual?
[45:00] More frequent podcasts are a huge source of branding for clients and candidates
[50:50] Outsourcing your podcasts – paying a monthly service fee also brings accountability
[52:06] Getting guests can be a roadblock
[54:00] Can use clients as guests for podcast and use it as marketing – ask for referrals
[55:50] Determine who are the influencers in your market
[57:00] Can also target people you want as your clients to come onto your podcast
[59:33] Next steps?
[1:03:06] Podcast vs webinar

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