March 24, 2021


Database Mastery – Jeff Davis shows how he turned his database into a money making asset 

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Jeff explains the journey he has been on to build up, segment and improve his database. He speaks about the methodology, the benefits, and how hiring VAs has helped him to further build and maintain his database.

[00:00-07:57] – Wins
[07:58-23:13] – Jeff explains what his database looked like prior to populating and organising this/Phase 1
[23:14-27:14] – Step by step process on improving the database/importing data into his ATS
[27:15-29:41] – Methodology of finding specific data
[29:42-32:55] – Jeff’s shares how his VAs have helped to maintain and build his database
[32:56-45:40] – Jeff’s VAs give an overview of how they work well with Jeff
[45:41-1:01:24] – ATS and ensuring systems and processes are being put in place

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):

🌐 Phantombuster – How to enrich accounts
🌐 octoparse

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