Done Is Better Than Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? So am I.   Perfectionism is something I’ve battled with forever.  I believe this tendency has held me back in business. For example, posting on LinkedIn is painful because I tend to agonize over every word.   And creating video content is even worse!  The truth is that perfectionism is just another word […]

Recruiters – Want to Smash Your Targets? Watch This…

If we can do this – break a solid, 3/4 inch thick pine board in half – something that you’ve probably never done before and maybe which previously you thought would be difficult, if not impossible, then what other possibilities does that create for you? How many of the barriers, limitations, constraints that we perceive […]

What Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Has Taught Me About Recruitment’m just about to head off to my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. That’s something new that I’ve started recently. I was struggling to find the motivation to get myself to attend the class tonight.  I had all kinds of excuses: it’s raining, it’s Friday night, I’m tired, it’s been a really busy week at work. But […]

Are You Making the Same Mistake as this €1,000,000 Biller? just got an email from a coaching client of mine that really surprised me. Before I tell you about the email, I should explain that the sender is a recruitment business owner who works extremely hard and personally bills over one million Euros per year in net fee income. The thing that surprised me […]

How to Start Creating Video Content for Chickens the thought of appearing on camera makes your knees knock and stomach churn? Here are my top 5 tips for creating video content – from one chicken to another. You might assume that because I’ve been a trainer for 18 years that this comes naturally to me, but you’d be wrong. Yes, I’m confident […]

Why We’re Creating Video Content and You Should Too may have noticed that I’ve been creating a LOT of video content recently. Here’s why I’ve started publishing a weekly video – and why you should too. There are two big reasons… Video Builds Rapport with Your Target Audience  The first reason I’m creating video content is that it’s a great way to get […]