Are You Making the Same Mistake as this €1,000,000 Biller? just got an email from a coaching client of mine that really surprised me. Before I tell you about the email, I should explain that the sender is a recruitment business owner who works extremely hard and personally bills over one million Euros per year in net fee income. The thing that surprised me […]

Stressed? Overwhelmed? This Could Save You Hours Every Week…”There are not enough hours in the day.” A client said to me recently – maybe you can relate. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, working harder is NOT the answer! That’s the road to burnout city. By the way, this isn’t another article about traditional time management theories – planning, organization, etc. Sure, most […]

Banish Distractions With The Pomodoro Technique

Want to avoid distractions and be more productive?  Here’s a simple yet effective way to stay focused and get more done each day. Recently voted as the most popular productivity hack, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management philosophy that helps people to maximize their productivity while avoiding burnout.  It enables them to manage the […]