How to Start Creating Video Content for Chickens the thought of appearing on camera makes your knees knock and stomach churn? Here are my top 5 tips for creating video content – from one chicken to another. You might assume that because I’ve been a trainer for 18 years that this comes naturally to me, but you’d be wrong. Yes, I’m confident […]

Why We’re Creating Video Content and You Should Too may have noticed that I’ve been creating a LOT of video content recently. Here’s why I’ve started publishing a weekly video – and why you should too. There are two big reasons… Video Builds Rapport with Your Target Audience  The first reason I’m creating video content is that it’s a great way to get […]

Why Content Doesn’t Kill The Sales Call

With all the talk of content marketing being the “ultimate solution” for B2B sales and marketing professionals, the simple fact is that unless you are extremely lucky, none of the leads from your content will directly result in a sale. You still need to have a chat with your prospects first. Yes, the content will […]

How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Can you still export your LinkedIn Connections in the new interface?  YES you can! Here’s the short-cut…Click to Tweet In this article and video tutorial, I’ll show you how to export your connections in LinkedIn (including email address) to a spreadsheet or csv file. Once you know how, it’s very simple. However the “Export Connections” button is not […]