LinkedIn Sends Me Warm Leads Almost Every Day

Almost every day I receive LinkedIn messages like this one: Attracting clients on LinkedIn isn’t something I leave to chance. I’ve got a SYSTEM for generating warm leads via LinkedIn with no cold calling. I’m pretty sure it could work for you as well. By the way, this does NOT involve using automation tools (which LinkedIn is […]

How to Start Creating Video Content for Chickens the thought of appearing on camera makes your knees knock and stomach churn? Here are my top 5 tips for creating video content – from one chicken to another. You might assume that because I’ve been a trainer for 18 years that this comes naturally to me, but you’d be wrong. Yes, I’m confident […]

Why We’re Creating Video Content and You Should Too may have noticed that I’ve been creating a LOT of video content recently. Here’s why I’ve started publishing a weekly video – and why you should too. There are two big reasons… Video Builds Rapport with Your Target Audience  The first reason I’m creating video content is that it’s a great way to get […]

The Yo-Yo Billings Problem

By a show of hands, who here would like to generate more consistent placements and more predictable revenue?   Everybody in the room! And that’s not surprising.    This is one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and recruiting firm owners. I know this because I’ve been a recruiter myself so I’ve experienced the roller […]

6 Steps to Generating Inbound Leads on Autopilot

If you want a steady stream of warm leads flowing into your recruitment business, then you’ll need to get up to speed on inbound marketing. Even if you plan to outsource inbound marketing to a digital agency, or delegate responsibility to a full or part time employee, you the business owner still need to have […]

How to Use Landing Pages to Capture Warm Leads

Building a permission-based email list is the foundation stone that all your inbound marketing activities are built upon. Therefore, capturing your prospects’ contact information, especially their email address, is a critically important step in your marketing funnel. But what is the best way to do this? Whilst there are other options, one of the most […]