LinkedIn Sends Me Warm Leads Almost Every Day

Almost every day I receive LinkedIn messages like this one: Attracting clients on LinkedIn isn’t something I leave to chance. I’ve got a SYSTEM for generating warm leads via LinkedIn with no cold calling. I’m pretty sure it could work for you as well. By the way, this does NOT involve using automation tools (which LinkedIn is […]

The Yo-Yo Billings Problem

By a show of hands, who here would like to generate more consistent placements and more predictable revenue?   Everybody in the room! And that’s not surprising.    This is one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and recruiting firm owners. I know this because I’ve been a recruiter myself so I’ve experienced the roller […]

Why Content Doesn’t Kill The Sales Call

With all the talk of content marketing being the “ultimate solution” for B2B sales and marketing professionals, the simple fact is that unless you are extremely lucky, none of the leads from your content will directly result in a sale. You still need to have a chat with your prospects first. Yes, the content will […]

9 Tools for Finding the Email Address of Target Clients and Candidates

Whether it’s a case of contacting that perfect candidate for a role you’re working on or introducing yourself to a key decision maker at a potential new client, one of the biggest challenges any recruiter faces is getting people’s contact information, in particular, email addresses. There is LinkedIn of course, where if you’re connected to […]

How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Can you still export your LinkedIn Connections in the new interface?  YES you can! Here’s the short-cut…Click to Tweet In this article and video tutorial, I’ll show you how to export your connections in LinkedIn (including email address) to a spreadsheet or csv file. Once you know how, it’s very simple. However the “Export Connections” button is not […]

You Want More Business? So Get on the Phone!

James Caan, multi-millionaire, Dragon, founder of the Alexander Mann Group was asked, “How can I get my consultants to be more productive?” His reply, “Tell them to get on the f***ing phone.” That’s how he built his recruitment business in 1985, cold-calling prospects from a tiny office in Pall Mall. Would that still work today? […]