December 9, 2020


Automation: Getting Started with Zapier to Save Hours of Manual Effort


In this session, Susie spoke about her email outreach automation with regards to an urgent project.

Mark then shared on screen Zapier and showed the members some of the possibilities this can provide in order to streamline and automate recurring manual processes in your business.

[05:50-22:12] – Wins
[22:13-34:24] Introduction of new members
[34.25-37:19] Susie explains her predicament with email automation and what she did
[37:20-42:50] – The vision and premise of using automation in your business
[42:51-1:05:46] – Zapier Examples

🔈 Audio MP3
💬 Chat log

🌐 1. Leanne’s Hotseat
📄 2. Leanne’s worksheet  – BEFORE – the exercise of writing down tasks and seeing what I can outsource, delegate and automate (this could be even more detailed than I have showed)
📄 AFTER I had outsourced, delegated and automated
📄 Yesterday’s presentation

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Mark Whitby is one of the world's leading coaches for the recruitment industry. Since 2001, he has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries. Mark has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings and owners to increase their team's sales by 67% in 90 days.

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