August 23, 2022


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Key topics discussed are related to the group’s next right thing. Concerns on website copyrighting, VA management, giving a talent pool ‘guarantee’ on a retained model, email campaigns, and fee structure were addressed.


[03:26 – 09:35] Sharing of wins.
[09:36 – 12:07] Team sharing their next right thing.
[12:08 – 19:32] Team input on copyrighting for their website recommendations.
[19:33 – 23:48] Robert shares concern about one of his VAs that is underperforming.
[23:49 – 30:28] Inputs on giving a guarantee of candidate pool in a retained model.
[30:49 – 38:17] Bernadette’s update on her email newsletter and concern on reply io.
[38:18 – 44:04] Tarun’s question on charging a client on an hourly basis.
[44:05 – 49:32] Carlo’s update on hiring a VA for lead generation.
[49:33 – 51:34] Discussion on soliciting referrals on existing or past clients.
[51:35 – 57:54] Scott’s update on operations management.
[57:55] Commitment to sending the video for deeper client relationships.

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