December 13, 2022



    [01:09 – 05:29] Wins of the week.
    [05:30 – 10:29] Discussion on LinkedIn Newsletter.
    [10:30 – 17:09] Tarun’s question on an opportunity where a client asks him to contact potential candidates.
    [17:10 – 19:39] Discussion on members’ value proposition.
    [19:40 – 25:51] Unique Value Proposition differentiator – Unique, Tangible, Valuable.
    [25:52 – 29:01] Demonstration of Miguel’s website ( as an example of UVP.
    [29:02 – 43:00] Demonstration of Alexis’ website ( as an example of UVP.
    [43:01 – 47:29] Group ideas on what can be put forth as their differentiators.
    [47:30 – 50:59] Exploring the concept of using videos and online profiles to showcase candidates.
    [51:00] Takeaway activity for enhancing differentiating factors.

    Session Highlights

    This session covered weekly wins and focused primarily on differentiators. The value of being unique, tangible, and valuable in terms of making the invisible visible was tackled alongside good examples of websites showing good differentiators.

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