September 06, 2022


A Deep Dive Into Your Business Performance – with Joel Slenning

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Session Highlights

This session focused on the importance of deep diving in the business by utilizing structured metrics. Practices on team reviews and sharing of ATS platforms were also covered.


[05:42 – 07:17] Topic on business deep dive discussion.
[07:18 – 21:47] Measuring total job order to placement ratio values.
[21:48 – 27:05] ATS platform discussion.
[27:06 – 28:58] Real-time display of team metrics.
[28:59 – 33:16] How consistent monitoring of metrics contribute to scalability.
[33:17 – 41:59] Practice evaluating gaps in the staff in relation to metrics.
[42:00 – 49:24] Sharing of practices on people reviews.
[49:25 – 52:44] Allan’s question on applying metrics on sourcing.
[52:45 – 1:00:59] Gabe’s question on hiring another recruiter without getting the team ‘threatened’.[1:01:00] Discussion on compensation plan for high producing recruiters moving to the manager role.

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