February 15, 2022


Apex Roundtable Mastermind Q&A

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Sourcing for internal candidates and training them can both be challenging processes. The same goes when you promote someone internally. In this session, the group discusses the different practices, systems and techniques you can use to attract internal candidates, helpful interviewing steps and how to provide them with the necessary tools and training as well as how to support internal team members that you’ve promoted.


[09:35] What L&D processes do you have in place to support someone moving up into a new position internally?
[13:18] It is vital to have external and internal training for all levels of your business
[15:15] Moving from the billing role to the management role is different and requires mentoring
[16:15] Are you experiencing difficulty convincing candidates to talk to you – candidate-driven market – bigger concern with retention
[18:23] Demand for undergrads are high – base salary in the US is $50k and up to retain them
[22:00] The demand for diverse candidate bases are increasing
[25:27] What is the best practice for the interview process to test candidates quickly
[33:30] Paul explains their qualifying process and the concern of data overload
[38:30] Having too many people involved in the interview process can slow it down
[42:20] Virtual meetings slow down the process – try to double up on calls
[44:00] The process of recruiting changed and this influenced the interview process too 
[45:56] Test if candidates can do it and are they willing to try it
[48:19] Amanda’s writing assignment
[52:28 Paul’s interview process
[55:28] When your team is having fun and post it on SM posts – it leads to internal referrals
[57:04] What are you doing to build your internal employment brand?
[1:01:40] Can create videos and pictures to build your brand

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🌐 How recruiters can promote diversity, equity and inclusion by Chikere Igbokwe podcast

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