January 10, 2023



[00:00:14 – 02:45] Sharing of wins for the week.

[02:46 – 08:44] Outline of topic discussion and Karen’s priorities for implementation.

[08:45 – 13:54] Sharing of questions, challenges, or topics, that members need support for.

[13:55 – 23:54] Diagnosing points for improvement on Getting Recruiters Up to Speed on BD – Seb and Karen share steps they take.

[23:55 – 32:29] Discussion on Seb’s question about his staff getting vacancies but being unable to close.

[32:30 – 35:12] Utilizing the Job Order Scorecard and call recording via Cloudcall.

[35:13 – 45:13] Sharing the activity on increasing the average fee percentage.

[45:14 – 53:49] KPI discussion for business development.

[53:50] Takeaways and the next actions members will take based on the session.

Session Highlights

The session focused on helping recruiters up to speed with business development. Sharing of best practices and solutions to some concerns were covered. Discussion on increasing average fee percentage, KPIs, and utilizing the Job Order Scorecard were key topics for the session.

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